Dento-facial aesthetics

The concept of complete dento-facial aesthetics

This concept is about understanding that a smile is a “full-face event”. All dental work that is carried out by dentists has an effect on a patient’s facial anatomy, and vice versa.

Until now, dentists have created works of art inside the mouth but have never extended this transformation to a patient’s face. With cosmetic dentistry, we can improve the health and aesthetics of patient’s teeth. To further improve the results, we have introduced complete dento-facial to provide leading cosmetic rejuvenation and facial contouring treatments.

Nora Rafeh – beauty therapist

Nora has been a leading beauty therapist for over 20 years. She is very well experienced in every aspect of the beauty industry, and well known as a perfectionist in her field. She provides consultancy services and training for major international beauty institutions overseas.

Nora had her own beauty salon in Adelaide SA for the last 8 years where she has shaped and styled thousands of eyebrows for thousands of happy clients. Besides being an artist in her work, she also has the extensive experience, knowledge and qualifications to support it. She has attended many international beauty exhibitions overseas to keep up with the latest trends and advances in the beauty world.

Nora now resides in Sydney and we, at Dentessential, are very excited to have her as a member of our team, she will definitely complement our concept of dento-facial aesthetics.

Nora is happy to provide (by appointment) a free consultation for our patients, to answer all of your questions and eliminate any concerns, also to give some beauty and skin care tips.

Why dento-facial aesthetics?

Dento-facial aesthetic treatment is the mix of dentistry and cosmetic treatment. If your smile is looking lacklustre, but you don’t think teeth whitening on its own will solve the problem, dentofacial aesthetics offers you the option of having muscle relaxants and injectables to smooth out wrinkles and compliment your brighter, healthier-looking smile.

Enhance your Smile with Dento-Facial Aesthetics

The concept of complete dento-facial aesthetics, combines cosmetic dentistry with cosmetic treatments to frame and compliment a patient’s new, beautiful smile. This additional cosmetic treatment is tailored to your facial anatomy and cosmetic desires, rejuvenating wrinkles, lines and ageing spots for natural, refreshed results.

Now, by using simple, fast, minimally invasive techniques to improve the soft tissues around the mouth we can create the ideal frame to compliment your smile. At Dentessential, not only do we treat teeth, but our treatment goes beyond that to include the rest of the face. By using injectable muscle relaxants, we can eliminate the hyperactive wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), around the nose (bunny lines), between the eyes (frown lines), and around the neck.

Muscle relaxants are also used in our surgery for therapeutic use such as: gummy smile, bruxing (teeth grinding), and severe migraines. Using dermal fillers we can smooth folds around the face including:

  1. Naso-Labial folds (lines from the corner of the nose to the mouth area)
  2. Marionette (lines from the corner of the mouth to the chin area)
  3. Creases on the chin
  4. Down turned corners of the mouth
  5. Smokers lines around the lips
  6. Lips – Improving both volume and definition
  7. Cheeks – Increasing the appearance and the volume of the cheek bones
  8. Tear troughs and nose shaping.

To complement all of these treatments, we are joined by Nora, our beauty specialist and stylist who can help our patients with:

  1. Eyebrow shaping / threading
  2. Permanent make-up (eyebrows, Lip liner/filler eyeliner)
  3. Facial peels / Skin Care
  4. Make-up

At Dentessential, we look forward to assisting our patients to achieve the ideal and complete dento-facial makeover.

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