What is cosmetic orthodontics?

Cosmetic orthodontics involves straightening the teeth in your smile zone. The smile zone comprises of the front 6 to 8 teeth of each jaw and is used for minor to moderate corrections. For anything more you may require traditional orthodontic treatment.

What is Quick Straight Teeth?

Quick Straight Teeth is the cosmetic orthodontic option we offer our patients who are looking for quick, affordable and discreet teeth straightening solution.

This treatment uses either clear aligners or clear braces depending on your individual needs.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium screw that is surgically placed at the site of the missing tooth root. Your jawbone then will fuse with the dental implant in a process known as osseointegration. Once your jawbone has fused around the dental implant you will have a strong and sturdy tooth root replacement.

Why replace missing teeth?

Replacing a missing tooth has a number of health benefits. From maintaining healthy jawbone structure, to looking after your gums and remaining teeth, replacing one tooth can help you immeasurably. At Dentessential we offer a range of dental implant treatments including All-on-4.

Dentures or dental implants?

When you visit our dental practice, we will assess your oral health and determine what the best option for you is. If you are missing one tooth, a dental implant may be the best solution, if you are missing 2 or 3 teeth, you might benefit from a partial denture.

Health factors which contribute to the decision include, the health of your jawbone, gums and how many teeth need replacing.

Do you provide surgery in-practice?

Yes, we can perform dental implant surgery and wisdom teeth extraction as well as bone grafting and same-day restorations in our practice.

When should I bring my child to the dentist?

We recommend bringing your child to the dentist when their first tooth erupts. This will enable us to assess their oral health as well as help to familiarise your child with going to the dentist.

Do you offer payment plans?

Dentessential offers payment plans as well as HICAPS for our patients. Contact us today to find out your options and candidacy.

Got a Question?

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