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Best dentist in Richmond dental clinic near me
Best dentist in Richmond dental clinic near me

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All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 dental implants or teeth in 2-3 days

All-on-4 is a technique used to replace teeth using a patented technology. This technique helps the surgeon to avoid bone grafting procedures and the long wait before the final bridge is delivered.

It is a modern technique in which the 2 back implants tilted 45 degrees and the front ones are placed straight. The tilting of the back implants helps overcome the lack of bone often found in the posterior region of the jaw bone and most often avoids the need for bone grafting. The all-on-4 procedure is suitable for patients who wear dentures or for patients that are about to lose teeth.

The all-on-4 dental implant treatment process

Examination and diagnostic stage: this stage is to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the all-on-4 treatment. During this visit, a thorough medical history, study models, photographs, digital x-rays and a CT scan are taken. This is followed by intra and extra oral examination, in-depth explanation, treatment options and a clear financial overview.

The Surgical stage: for most cases, this stage involves the extraction of teeth, bone recontouring and the surgical placement of the 4 dental implants for upper and/or lower jaw. While your jaw heals over the next 2 days you will be given temporary implant supported teeth—all of this is carried out under sedation (while you are asleep).

After 72 hours you should be able to resume a full schedule of activities. Follow-up visits occur in 1, 4 and 12 weeks after surgery. During these 3 months, the patient is required to follow specific post-operative instructions like having a modified soft diet until receiving the final bridge.

Following surgery, the three follow-up visits are simple and short. These visits will ensure everything is looking, feeling and healing as indicated.

The restorative stage: this stage starts 12-16 weeks after the initial surgery when the implants are fully integrated with the jaw bone. A master impression is taken so the final teeth can be made. Two-four weeks after the master impression is taken the final bridge is delivered. A standard adjustment visit is scheduled 1 to 2 weeks later to ensure that everything is looking, feeling and functioning as it should.

All-on-4 bridges

Temporary bridge: this is made of acrylic and issued immediately or 2-3 days after surgery. This bridge will be used for 3 months until the tissue heals well and the implants integrate.

Long-term bridge: there are two types of long-term bridge:

All-on-4 treatment is suitable if you have:

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Based on 61 reviews
Mia Thompson
Mia Thompson
I had a dental emergency and was able to get in to see Dr Rafeh the same day. he was able to swiftly diagnose and treat the issue and I felt much better by the time I left the clinic. I am genuinely grateful to the entire team at Dentessentials for the seamless experience during a time of need.
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith
Dr. Rafeh is the best dentist I have ever had. He is a great professional, and he consistently ensures my comfort during each and every appointments. I appreciate the comprehensive nature of his exams and the focus he dedicates to his work.
Isabella Taylor
Isabella Taylor
Dr. Rafeh and his team are exceptional. They ensure dental visits are enjoyable, with a welcoming atmosphere The clinic is super clean and modern, and the staff's friendliness is remarkable. I endorse Dentessentials to everyone seeking dental care.
Charlie Green
Charlie Green
Dr Rafeh has completely changed my perspective about dentists. He is a gentle, compassionate, and takes the time to explain everything to me. I would recommend Dentessentials to every one in the local area.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
I have been seeing Dr Rafeh for years now and I must say I have always been impressed with his knowledge and care. Dr Rafeh is an expert in his field and has helped me maintain a healthy and bright smile over the years. I trust him and would not go anywhere else. Thanks Doc.
Garry Aynsley
Garry Aynsley
Very polite and done a good job
My son who is autistic, had an appointment and I was so happy with how he was treated and cared for. Thank you so much.!!
Caitlin Duckett
Caitlin Duckett
Highly recommend! Really lovely staff and very considerate to my needs whilst doing their procedures.



Dentist visits aren't supposed to be enjoyable, yet I enjoy going to Dent Essentials. They provide outstanding customer service and professionalism, and they know how to make you feel at ease and well-cared for. You will not be disappointed if you visit this practice.


I just recently got my wisdom teeth removed and I am already looking forward to coming back for some implants. I have always been afraid of going to the dentist, but the dentist was very kind and made me feel relaxed throughout the procedure. I'd recommend this place to anyone who is looking for excellent service at competitive prices.


Dent Essentials' excellent cosmetic dentistry services have given me my smile back. The procedure was lengthy, but I was made to feel at ease throughout. I have complete confidence in their services and would recommend them to anyone.


I appreciate how attentive and friendly the dentists are, as well as how comprehensive the procedures that will be performed on you are. Dent Essentials is very accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. I always know I'm in good hands and would recommend them to anyone.


The equipment used in this practice are always sanitary and of the highest quality, and the range of dental procedures available is impressive. I had my dental implants done a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the results.

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Best dentist in Richmond dental clinic near me