Snoring Treatments

Did you know snoring could be affecting the quality of your sleep?

Snoring is a very common ailment that many suffer. It is simply the sound of an obstructed or blocked airway and is embarrassing for the snorer, and very frustrating for a partner. More than this, snoring can impair the sleep quality of the snorer due to:

  • Interruptions of breathing:
  • Frequent waking from sleep
  • Light sleeping
  • Poor night’s sleep
DentEssential Sleep Dentistry Richmond

Snoring appliance

With the use of dedicated research and the development of snoring appliances, we can provide a snoring appliance professionally made and custom-fitted, for you to wear each night to stop your snoring and achieve quality sleep.

Snoring is usually harmless but it can be a sign or a serious condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Should you have symptoms relating to this condition we can refer you to a specialist to investigate further.

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