Early Intervention Orthodontics Richmond NSW

We encourage children to feel comfortable and at ease when visiting us. Early intervention dentistry is non-invasive and oral health is important for a child’s growth, development, and general health.

To give your child the gift of a healthy smile, early treatment is the key.

75% of 12 year-olds need orthodontic treatment. Yet 90% of a child’s face/profile has already developed by then! By guiding facial development early through the use of a functional appliance (i.e. Plate), 80% of the treatment can be completed before the adult teeth are present.

Why early treatment with a functional appliance is so important

Functional appliances can help correct:

  • Bite problems.
  • Underdeveloped jaws.
  • Narrow dental arches.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Deep overbites.
  • Jaw joint problems.
  • Airway problems.
  • Thumb sucking habits.

And can often prevent:

  • Removal of Adult teeth to relieve crowding.
  • Fang-like tooth appearance.
  • Lengthy use of braces.
  • Speech difficulties.

Let us meet your child’s orthodontic needs as early as possible.

It is critical to correct any functional jaw problems as soon as they are developed as functional therapy provides children with improved appearance and speech.

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