Wisdom Teeth Removal Richmond NSW

Wisdom teeth removal is beneficial for your oral health

Wisdom teeth are the last to emerge from your gums and usually erupt between the age of 17 and 24. Some people are fortunate enough never to develop wisdom teeth, while others have all four erupt.

It is a misconception that all wisdom teeth have to be extracted. The truth is, only impacted wisdom teeth, causing pain, swelling or infection, need to be removed. Surgical extraction should relieve these symptoms. When you visit Dentessential, we have the facilities to carry out dental surgery so you won’t have to visit any other practice for treatment.

Extracting wisdom teeth

The main problem that occurs with wisdom teeth is when they become impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth is one that has developed at an angle and become trapped either against other teeth or below the gum-line.

Not all impacted wisdom teeth cause pain alerting you to a developing problem. Only through regular oral health checks can we detect when something has gone wrong. An estimated 80% of wisdom teeth will need to be removed, and as it is not possible to predict if or when they may cause a problem, it is advisable to remove them earlier rather than later. Removal of wisdom teeth in older patients can be more difficult resulting in a longer healing period.

It is not advisable to remove wisdom teeth if you have gum disease due to the risk of spreading the infection. Therefore, we may delay treatment until you have complete oral health. To make removal easier and aid your recovery, we highly recommend you quit smoking.

Before any treatment, it is essential you make us aware of any medication, either prescribed or over the counter, you may currently be taking. Please let us know if you are experiencing any general health problems or if you have an allergy to any medications.

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