Do’s and Dont’s after a Root Canal

root canal treatment Do’s and Dont’s after a Root Canal dentist near me

The Root Canal Therapy may or may not take more than one visits to your Dentist.

After being treated, the very first precaution to take would be to avoid eating till the numbness wears off. This is to prevent chewing on your tongue or cheek or having something so hot that it would burn your mouth without you even knowing!

It is normal to feel that the treated area is tender for a few days after the Root Canal Treatment, however, if a swelling (inside or outside) becomes visible or you feel increasing pain or pressure, be sure to not delay another appointment with your dentist. For the discomfort or pain, take the prescribed medications given by your doctor.

Immediately contact your Dentist in case of an allergic reaction to the medicines!

Small layers of the temporary filling placed in the tooth may come off. Keep calm – it is nothing to worry about. However, if the whole filling comes out, get yourself back to the dentist as soon as possible. To keep your tooth safe and the filling in place, make sure you don’t eat anything that is too hard or chewy. Avoid gum and toffee!

You should also brush and floss regularly and normally and take special care of oral hygiene. Be gentle, but thorough, when flossing in the treated area. Being rough may cause bleeding or lead to infection.

If you do get an infection and are prescribed antibiotics, take them regularly even after the infection has gone (as prescribed). This makes sure that the germs are gone for good! Also, when you eat, try your best to not use the treated tooth to chew till it has fully recovered. When the root canal and several other appointments are complete, a final crown is placed to completely restore your tooth.

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