Did you know 50% of Australians don’t visit the dentist?


Tooth decay is still the most common health problem in Australia

With more than 11 million teeth becoming decayed each year, tooth decay is also the second most costly diet-related problem facing Australians.

Tooth decay is irreversible. Once the decay starts eating away the tooth, it becomes a question of what you do next. If you leave it untreated, the tooth will eventually rot and fall out.

Prior to this outcome, you will experience severe discomfort not just in your tooth, but in your gums and jaw. Eating with that tooth will also become uncomfortable.

If you lose a tooth due to decay you run the risk–if left untreated–of the surrounding teeth becoming infected. Essentially, losing one tooth can have a domino effect causing further discomfort, pain and even tooth loss.

With a routine check-up, tooth decay can be treated, and your oral healthy maintained

A regular check-up and clean is the most convenient, cost-effective method of maintaining the health of your teeth. With regular visits to the Dentessential, we can help you maintain optimal oral health as well as educate you on the best at-home methods.

57% of Australians admit they’ll develop tooth decay

Tooth decay is quite painful and uncomfortable. It’s also easily preventable. Tooth decay is so easily preventable that no one should expect to develop it. To help patients avoid tooth decay, Dentessential offers the following for new patients including:

  • No Gap
  • Free panoramic x-ray saving $100 for non-health fund members

Avoid the unnecessary discomfort of tooth decay and the subsequent health issues it causes by visiting Dentessential for a check-up and clean.

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Did you know 50% of Australians don’t visit the dentist?

Tooth decay is still the most common health problem in…

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