Regular Dentist Visit: Why Is It Important?

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Have you ever heard people saying you need a Dental visit every 6 months? Australian Dental Association and your Dentist recommend you to come back for a visit every 6 months. Regular Dental visits can keep your gums and teeth healthy.

What Does A Dentist Check During A Regular Visit?

Tooth Decay: When you go to the Dentist, checking for tooth decay is one part of a thorough dental examination.

Gums: It is an important part of your six month Dental check up where the Dentist will do a thorough gum check up to see if your gums are bleeding and also to check the tartar level. Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth and any signs of gum diseases are noted and explained.

XRay: Your dentist might ask you take some x rays depending on your problem. X Ray can identify tooth decay and your dentist and recommend filling or root canal.

Loose Teeth: The Dentist will also check for any loose teeth during the process and advice you a treatment.

Wisdom Teeth: Checking your wisdom teeth is an important part of the process, where your Dentist will advise if it is advisable to keep those teeth or remove them.

The Final Process “Dental Cleaning”

Finally, after thorough examination of your teeth the Dentist will clean your mouth and removing any tartar & plaque from your teeth. The final step is to polish and floss the teeth. Put a spark in your smile, For your six month dental check up, visit Dentessential or Book An Appointment Now!

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